Anne Hendren on Volunteering and the Willamette Writers Conference

Volunteer Room Extraordinaire

Third-year volunteer Anne Hendren knows one thing about volunteering: Helping out in the volunteer room is the place to be during the Willamette Writers Conference.

“(One of the best things about volunteering) is I am able to spend time with other volunteers in the ‘break room’ and learn more about their work,” Hendren said.

Anne however, doesn’t just spend her time sitting around listening to others. She’s usually busy doing one of the many jobs needing to be done inside the volunteer room during the conference. Whether it’s making copies or filling in for room monitors who have pitches or putting together last-minute handouts, Anne brings the same adventurous spirit to her volunteering as her project she’s working on, “The Curious Tusks”, a high-stakes, transcontinental chase novel involving stolen ivory figurines.

“(Volunteering) is an invaluable, wonderful experience and exposure to the best writers and writing group in the Northwest,” Hendren said. “I feel privileged to be one of WW’s volunteers.”

Connect with Anne at this year’s conference. Check out more about volunteering at the conference.