Advanced Manuscript Critique at Willamette Writers Conference 2016

Anne Dean started writing her historical fiction novel about six years ago. But she had a problem:

I didn’t know diddly-squat about fiction. But I did know that I needed to work on my story. So, I started going to these conferences, and looking at the resources that were there.”

One of the best resources Anne found was the Advance Manuscript Critiques at the Willamette Writers Conference.


The Advance Manuscript Critique gave Anne a chance to connect with a professional who read and critiqued her work. She then sat down for a meeting with that pro at the Willamette Writers Conference, and they gave her their unique perspective on her manuscript.

Anne hasn’t just gotten one of these critiques, she’s gotten several each year. Anne finds them tremendously helpful in working on and revising her novel. She notes that the critiques can help you do three things:

  • Get on the right track.
  • Receive feedback on your writing.
  • Give you the confidence to keep going.

Anne comes back every year for the manuscript critiques, and Justin Tindel of Eugene Writer’s Anonymous suggests you join in too. Justin explains that the Advanced Manuscript Critique he did with Eric M. Witchey “was the absolute best investment I’ve ever made towards my writing career, ever!”

He urges you to get your own critique, and his excitement is palpable. After his critique, Justin left the Advance Manuscript CritiquesWillamette Writer’s Conference “filled with new information and practically trembling with excitement to write.”

“Whatever it was,” he said, “I was left with a deep burning motivation to have a polished draft ready by next year.”

And that’s what every working writer needs: the desire to write, along with the advice on how to improve their work.

If you want help getting on the right track too, join Justin and Anne this year for your own Advance Manuscript Critique, starting April 15th. All you have to do is register online, and then send your work to your pro. After just a few clicks, and within a few months, you’ll be able to sit down with a seasoned veteran who has read your work, and wants to work with you to make it the best piece possible. Click here for more details on how to register for Advance Manuscript Critiques.

So check out which professionals are accepting manuscript critiques this year. We have novelists, editors, screenwriters, and other pros looking to help you get your work on the right track.