LitMag – a – Palooza with David Gillaspie

We had a fantastic night at the LitMag – a – Palooza last night, and David Gillaspie wrote a fine write-up of the panel discussion over on BoomerPDX. Read on to find out more about what to do when submitting to a LitMag (and what not to!).

Three literary journal editors address Willamette Writers in Portland

By David Gillaspie, BoomerPDX

Nothing cramps a writer’s brain more than one question:

What is the secret to getting published in a literary journal?

If you’re looking for the gold standard of publication, literary journals shine bright.

Get a piece of writing published there and you join the literary crowd.

If you’re in the Willamette Writers meeting in Portland, it’s a good goal.

Tuesday night, editors from Calyx, Masters Review, Timberline Review laid it out.

What is the secret to getting your work published in a literary journal?

Click here to find out about the soul-wrenching story of LitMag submissions. Thanks for a great write-up, David!


LitMag Panel via BoomerPDX