Writers on the River Thanks the 2012-13 Board

The July 2013 meeting was also our annual meeting where a new board was elected. As part of the announcements at the beginning of the meeting we went through the 2012-13 board achievements. Here’s the (relatively long) list:

  • Membership survey
  • Nonprofit status with IRS + submitted two postcards
  • Elizabeth Eslami’s Workshop
  • Have speakers lined till the end of the year
  • Website up and running with up to date info about our meetings
  • Facebook is more engaging
  • Mailing list moved to Google Groups
  • Bylaws first review
  • Membership grew significantly from 170 to 210
  • Attendance at meeting grew and we now attract 30 people per meeting on average
  • PR on local newspapers and through other literary groups
  • Readings format revised (though need to investigate if the current format works)
  • Established guidelines for speakers, reading, etc. so that it is easy to operate the organization at $0 and with a board of volunteers with limited time at hand
  • Collected donations from members to the church for hosting us at no charge and being so accommodating (a little over $70 raised)

THANK YOU to our leaving board members, president, Victoria Martinez, and member at large, Linda E. Hamner. And another big THANK YOU to our remaining members and new members (who we will soon list on this site – here.)

We have great plans for this upcoming year, including beefing up some pages on this site and bringing more workshops. In the meantime, mark our next meeting on your calendar: August 19 – Songwriter, Mike McLaren. See you then!

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Orit Ofri

Orit Ofri helps small businesses, professionals, and writers get started with their online presence and discover the strategy that fits them, their audience, and their market. She’s an award winning business writer who also writes middle-grade humor. Orit creates the programs for the Salem and Corvallis Chapters. She also manages the websites and Facebook pages for these chapters. Visit www.OritOfri.com for more.