Willamette Writers on the River Spring Open Mic – March 26, 2018


An open mic event where writers of all kinds have the opportunity to engage in one of the most important practices of the writing life — reading their work in front of others. It’s a great opportunity to read your own work in front of a receptive audience. Anyone can participate, but you have to sign up. These events fill up quickly!

Monday, March 26, 2018 from 6:30–8:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church, Allison Room, Corvallis, Oregon
(use 9th St. Parking Lot Entrance)

Guidelines for the Reading:

  • Sign up table begins at 6:15 PM. Readings begin at 6:30 PM.
  • First to sign up is first to read. Total number of readers will be limited by available time.
  • Time limit per reader is 7 minutes.
  • Please no graphic violence, sex, or hate speech.
  • Please tell the audience if your piece is fiction or non-fiction, and if it is a part or whole.

Remember: This is an opportunity to read your written work. It is not meant to be interactive or a forum to teach.

Helpful Tips: 

  • Practice out loud (it really helps!) 
  • Time yourself beforehand 
  • Print your reading double-spaced and use a large, clear font so it is easy to read 
  • Speak clearly 
  • Shine!

Or if you don’t want to read, join the audience. Come hear some talented writers present their work!

This meeting is free and open to all!