Willamette Writers on the River July 24, 2017, meeting

WWoR_Banner_2017_07_24_LauraStanfill     Laura_Stanfill

Monday, July 24, 2017 from 6:30–8:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church, Allison Room, Corvallis, Oregon
(Use 9th St. parking lot entrance.)

QUERY LETTERS are key to earning the attention of publishers and agents. A poorly written letter, or a manuscript that doesn’t start in the right place, can cause editors and agents to pass before reading any pages. Laura Stanfill, publisher of Portland’s Forest Avenue Press, will discuss some not-so-obvious red flags that can sabotage your submission, how important taste is when it comes to acquisitions, how to research your intended recipient’s wish list to maximize your potential success, and some common first-page blunders. She has been reviewing unagented submissions since 2013 and will pull anonymous examples from the slush pile to illustrate her points. Audience members may volunteer to share their queries for on-the-fly, gentle critiques. Laura will also share some cautionary tales about what not to do on social media and in person when approaching a literary gatekeeper.

LAURA STANFILL is a novelist, a journalist and the publisher of Forest Avenue Press, which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2017. She launched the Main Street Writers Movement in February to urge writers to build community at the local level as a way to strengthen the national literary ecosystem. She serves on the PubWest Board of Directors and the Atelier26 advisory board. More information at laurastanfill.com