Thank you, Susan Jackson Rodgers – Members’ Notes

Susan RodgersAnd once again we’d like to share comments from members who attended our latest meeting. This time we have comments from John Byrne and Nancy Ballard about Susan Jackson Rodgers’ presentation:

From John Byrne:
“Writers on the River’s February 16 meeting was a great success. Roughly 30 writers enjoyed the presentation by OSU professor Susan Rodgers which focused on different forms of short stories. Her talk and exercises served not only to broaden an appreciation of form in short story writing but also to provide practical prompts to help get things going when the muse is absent buying coffee someplace. Ms. Rodgers provided vivid examples of different forms and led the group through exercises aimed at creating stories appropriate to the different forms discussed. She probably got some new stories going in time for the open mic reading at the scheduled March 16 Writers on the River meeting.”

From Nancy Ballard:
“On February 16, Susan Jackson Rodgers got us actively involved with her presentation on “Playing with Form in the Short Story “at the monthly meeting of WWotR. She is the award-winning author of two collections of short fiction, and her fiction has appeared in several journals. She teaches creative writing and literature at OSU. At our meeting, she introduced several story forms to free us from the traditional linear design and challenged us with a series of exercises to get us to focus on form rather than content. We scribbled madly, shared willingly, and went away with some new ideas on how to tell our stories. Thank you, Susan, for a great evening.”

Orit Ofri

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