Setting Up Google Authorship

Here are some details on setting up Google Authorship as requested at our  last meeting with speaker, Jason Brick.


Please visit the following page for straight forward instructions on how to set up your Google Authorship:

Some points (all stated on that page):

  1. You will need a Google+ profile with a good picture.
  2. If you own your domain and have an email address on your domain (e.g. if your domain is an email on that domain could be you can use that email address to authenticate your authorship account – that’s option 1.
  3. Don’t have an email on that domain? (this is usually the case if you are using a free hosted website, like this one) You can use a more “under-the-hood” approach – option 2 – which requires pasting some HTML on your posts. Which is what I did here by adding this link to my Google+ Profile.
  4. To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the structured data testing tool (type in the specific URL that holds your content and see what Google may show if found on search).

You can even set up Google Authorship for free hosted websites, like WotR’s, by adding a link like this
Please be aware that as of 2012 (I think) Google has been limiting the authorship results it brings up in search (to limit spammers), so your authorship results won’t necessarily show immediately (or ever?).

Good luck and if you have questions please use the comments section below (if you don’t want your comment to be publicly displayed, just ask!

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Orit Ofri

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