About the Mid-Valley Chapter

About the Mid-Valley Chapter of Willamette Writers

The Mid-Valley Chapter serves the needs of those members of the Willamette Writers who live in the central regions of Oregon. We provide a local forum for writers to build their craft, learn elements of promotion, and interact with the literary community across the Northwest. Providing a series of speakers, workshops, and a sense of community with your fellow writers, we work to bring you the full benefits of the Willamette Writers.

About the Mid-Valley Chapter Co-Chairs

Valerie Willman is an author and line editor living in Eugene, OR. She writes on grief, parenting, urban homesteading, unschooling (while her kids go to school), and her son’s special needs. Her memoir, Smell the Blue Sky, was recently named a BRAG Medallion Honoree. She loves decaf Caramel Macchiatos and gluten-free Holy Donuts, but tries to eat more whole foods. Honest.

You can find Valerie on Facebook, Scribd and Twitter at @valeriewillman.


Daryll Lynne Evans has two obsessions: reading and chocolate. Fortunately they go hand in hand, though sometimes the pages get smudged. She began her writing life as a playwright for Performing Arts Conservatory in Colorado, but has since turned to fiction and screenwriting. She has an MFA in fiction from Purdue University, and is currently working on a novel. She also works as the Associate Director of Wordcrafters in Eugene. She reads, writes, and nibbles in Eugene, OR.

About Willamette Writers

Willamette Writers is the largest writers’ organization in Oregon and one of the largest writers’ organizations in the United States. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt Oregon corporation led by volunteers. Elected officials and directors administer an active program of monthly meetings, special seminars, workshops and conferences. Continuing with established programs and starting new ones is only made possible by strong volunteer support. Members continually explore other ways to interact in the literary community.

Willamette Writers’ goal is to provide and encourage a creative environment and support system for current and aspiring writers. Since its beginning in 1965, Willamette Writers has provided meeting places for the exchange of ideas and information and has initiated programs designed to help writers increase skills related to the craft of writing. Both published and aspiring writers are invited to join. Dues are $36 a year.

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