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Our 2022 FilmLabTV Writers’ Rooms!

We are proud to announce our 2022 FilmLabTV Writers Rooms in Comedy and Drama!

Our showrunners this year include Daphne Pollon and Grant Rosenberg, two veteran producers and screenwriters for shows like MacGyver, Star Trek, Lost Girl, Jeremiah, Sullivan & Son, and Murphy Brown.

Welcome to our Winners!

The Comedy Writer’s Room

Philippe Bowgen - Leigh-Keily-Philippe-Bowgen-393 1 copy 2

Philippe Bowgen

Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich

Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich

Myles Hewette - Myles Hewette Headshot

Myles Hewette

Kyle Kasabian

Kyle Kasabian


James Murray V

Julie Pearson

Julie Pearson

Isabelle Platt

Isabelle Platt

Christina Cigala

Christina Cigala and Brad Harris

The Drama Writer’s Room

Michael Berner

Michael Berner

Jo Harper

Jo Harper

Seamus Heffernan

Seamus Heffernan

Autumn Kalquist

Autumn Kalquist

Dee Mick

Dee Mick

Howard L. Mitchell

Howard L. Mitchell

Anika Shakir

Anika Shakir

Andy Healy

Andy Healy

About the Contest

FiLMLaB started in 2012 during the Willamette Writers Conference. The lab grew out of a desire to expand upon and promote the growing film industry in Portland, Oregon.

The Script to Screen Competition is the main focus of FiLMLaB. Writers submit a script, which is judged by industry professionals in Portland for the first round, then sent to our judges in LA for the final round. The winning script is then produced by Willamette Writers, and is premiered at the Willamette Writers Conference the first week of August.

From our 2019 Winner

“FiLMLaB has made my entire year!  To say I’m grateful for this experience is an understatement – I got to workshop my short, sit in on the casting process, be on set, watch a couple editing sessions, attend festivals – this has forever changed my perception of the movie-making world and the village it takes to make something good.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten to work with and meet so many talented, kind and lovely people that I otherwise would not have.  The support and encouragement alone are an awesome prize.  Thank you, FiLMLaB and Willamette Writers!”

-Alexandra Keister, 2019 FiLMLaB winner

Click here to read the full interview!

Our 2019 Contest was supported by a generous grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. We thank them for their investment in our screenwriting community, and their continuous work toward creating a stronger arts community.

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