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Master Class: Developing Believable and Authentic Kid Characters

Thursday, August 1
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Garden B

Please join us for this Master Class with Nevin Mays.

We were all kids once, so it might feel like creating authentic kid characters should be as easy as remembering our own youth. But with unreliable factors like a not-so-great memory and a nostalgic lens for the past, it can be hard to write realistically about the trials and tribulations young people encounter in their lives and how they might react to them. This class will use practical knowledge about child development and common milestones in children’s lives to create a baseline for realistic kid characteristics. From there, writers will get creative—and specific—with the characters in their current WIP. We’ll look at ways to drill down to each character’s realistic and authentic actions and reactions based on their own backstory and goals.

Master classes are small, focused workshops, limited to 15 writers and presented by industry professionals. This Master Class is five hours long and includes lunch. You must register to attend Master Classes at an additional cost. Please register here.


Nevin Mays

Nevin Mays has worked in publishing for more than fifteen years with publishers including Penguin Random House, Hachette, Scholastic, and Disney. She worked in-house as an acquiring editor and list manager as well as a developmental editor and copyeditor, before opening her independent editorial services business in Portland. In addition to teaching Children’s Book Publishing in the masters in book publishing program at Portland State University, she is currently the baby bard at Green Bean Books and volunteers as a reading tutor and writing workshop facilitator throughout Portland.

Nevin Mays