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The Tighty Writey Game: How to Polish Your Manuscript

Friday, August 2
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Cascade A/B

Tight writing is not a style—it’s what successful authors have in common. Tightening is a delicate and complex process that aims to convey all your story information (action, backstory, visual imagery, etc.) with fewer words and greater clarity. Tight writing is strong writing. In this session, C Lill Ahrens shares her masterful (and fun!) technique for tightening text: the Tighty Writey Game. Her workshop includes: group participation to tighten wordy examples; the step-by-step rules of the Tighty Writey Game; activity time for attendees to practice the game on their own writing; and the opportunity for attendees to read aloud from their own before-and-after tightened drafts. Bring writing supplies and a writing project (double-spaced) for the tightening activity.          


C. Lill Ahrens

C. Lill Ahrens is an award-winning author, popular writing teacher, and editorial consultant with many award-winning published students and clients. Since 2008 she has given numerous presentations and workshops for writing events and organizations including: South Coast Writers Conference; Oregon Writers Colony; OSU’s Academy for Life Long Learning; Willamette Writers 2017 Conference; Willamette Writers Salem and Coast branches; and her Corvallis home branch, Willamette Writers on the River. Her current project is a graphic how-to-write book, Creating a Movie in Your Reader’s Mind: A Picture Book of Writing Tips. Before becoming a writer, Lill was a graphic artist and published cartoonist.