Avoid the slush pile!

If you’ve ever heard an agent or editor talk about the submissions process, you know they all get 100 or more unsolicited manuscripts every single day. That pile of “pick me! pick me!” is called the slush pile, and it’s a long road to bad odds for most writers.

But if you meet with an agent face to face, and talk with her about your project, and get her excited about it during that talk…you jump the queue. You go to the head of the line. You get remembered, even anticipated, by the person who decides whether or not to take your work to the next phase of becoming a Published Author.

Willamette Writers has developed a national reputation for having some of the best pitch sessions around, and for 2017 we’ve gone all out to continue earning that reputation. We’ve found a great selection of established bigshots, hungry newcomers, and working professionals from publishing and film, agenting and editing. Find your perfect match and take your shot!

Never pitched before? Our own Cynthia Whitcomb offer a class on how to make the most of your pitch sessions. Click here for details and a special offer for Willamette Writers members.

Pitch Schedule

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Pitching opportunities are offered all three days of the conference. Only registered attendees can register for pitches.

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Pitch Reps

All of our industry reps taking pitches¬†have preferences in terms of what they’re looking for. Check their bios to see their wish lists.

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How to Register for a Pitch

For instructions on how to register for a pitch, check out this page (opens in a new window/tab).

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