Master Classes

This year, we are offering 5-hour Master Classes and 3-hour Sunday Intensives with world-class professionals in the writing business.

Master Classes

Master Classes give you all you need to really take one aspect of your writing to the next level. They feature:

  • 5 hours of detailed instruction on a single, vital topic
  • Lunch with the teachers and fellow attendees
  • Limited class size so you can receive individual attention
  • Opportunities to follow up (if you stay for the rest of the Conference)

Our members and attendees pay just $199 for this experience. Each class is limited to only 15 attendees, so register early.

**Angela Rinaldi’s publishing class is SOLD OUT.

**Kate Elliott’s worldbuilding class is SOLD OUT.

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Level Up Your Novel

Want to make your breakout novel the best it can possibly be? Join Donald Maass for a deep dive into powerful techniques for taking your fiction work-in-progress to the next level.  

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Make a Short Film

Learn hands-on techniques for making your first short film! With director and producer Martin Vavra, you’ll discover how to get your project off the ground from concept to delivery.

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Bestseller DNA

The criteria that apply to novels and screenplays have been around for decades, but we’re rarely taught how to use them in process. Join Larry Brooks to learn the best-in-class standards for novel writing and how to apply them to your work.

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Fantastic Flash Fiction

Flash fiction (generally under 1000 words) give you freedom to experiment and play on a small canvas. Join authors Jenn Reese and Tina Connolly to discuss great flash fiction and get started on your own mini stories.

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Perfect Pitching

A pitch is part strategy, part writing, and part performance—but above all, it’s storytelling. Join David Poulshock and Nancy Froeschle to learn how to develop a written and verbal pitch for your project.

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Create Strong Beginnings

Starting strong is the single best way to ensure your readers stay with you through the long arc of your story. Join agent DongWon Song for an interactive workshop on how to craft a powerful opening for your novel.

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Masterful Suspense

Join Hallie Ephron for a deep-dive into how to drive your novel with suspense, covering how to harness setting, manipulate viewpoint, modulate tension, and structure the overall plot.

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