Emily Dell

Emily Dell is an award-winning director and writer in narrative, graphic novel, and commercial forms, specializing in action, horror and high-energy stories. She created and directed the “Troubled Youth” series for CryptTV, whose pilot received over 13 million views across multiples platforms. Among other credits are Emily’s action short “Battle” on El Rey Networks; horror short “Helen” (starring Aimee Garcia of “Dexter” and “Lucifer”) on Shorts.tv; and her last worldwide feature, “B-Girl”, which won “Best Feature” at the LA Femme Film Festival and airs on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. She also recently won the Sundance Co//ab’s Horror Challenge for a short script.

Emily’s most recent graphic novel is titled Verone (Emet Comics). She’s written stories for digital platform Cliffhanger, and is currently producing a podcast with television showrunner Wendy Calhoun (“Gray’s Anatomy”, “Justified”, “Empire”). She also directs commercials and branded content for clients such as Marvel Studios, Fox Home Video, PepsiCo, Estee Lauder, The Science & Entertainment Exchange, Purina and was awarded a 2017 American Advertising (“Addy”) Award.

For screenwriting platform ScreenCraft, Emily creates screenwriting educational events and video at the Austin Film Festival, Shanghai Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival and more, and has been featured in Variety, Huffington Post, and Indiewire.

Emily studied film at NYU and has a degree in neurobiology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a member of the WGA and Film Fatales, and is on the board of the Alliance of Women Directors.