Devon Byers

Devon Byers is a literary manager based out of Los Angeles. He and his partner, Krista Sipp, founded First Friday Entertainment in 2017. First Friday is a management and production company representing writers, directors, and producers in the film, TV, and digital space.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Devon started his career in physical production where he produced and coordinated award-winning independent films and commercials. He soon moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute Conservatory where he graduated with an MFA in Producing. Devon continued his freelance career before making the switch to development at production company Ideate Media (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) and working there for nearly four years. After rising in the ranks, Devon left Ideate to launch his own company.

Currently, Devon is focused on representing clients with a unique worldview and fresh voices who have something to say in all genres. He is also interested in cultivating IP that speaks to new audiences.

Pitch Preferences: Film, TV, and books for adaptation in the action/adventure, horror, and thriller space with female and diverse leading characters.