Britt Siess

Britt Siess has seen all aspects of the publishing industry. She is a former bookseller, has interned for the Taryn Fagerness Agency, Wales Literary Agency, and Martin Literary & Media Management. Prior to joining Martin Literary as an Associate Literary Manager, she was with the sales division of The Quarto Group where she worked in domestic and foreign book sales. Britt represents everything under the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror umbrella. If it has to do with comic books, witches, ghosts, or magical realms, send it her way! She looks for stories that are character driven and full of strong, resonating themes. She’s interested in literature that completely immerses readers into new worlds and that is imaginative and diverse. She’s passionate about bringing more #OwnVoices stories onto bookshelves, and so she’s particularly drawn to literature that makes us reflect on our own society and confront the choices we’ve made.

What Britt Is Looking For:

Britt is currently accepting MG, YA, and Adult submissions for manuscripts that fall under the Fantasy or Science Fiction umbrella, as well as MG and YA graphic novels. She is currently accepting Adult Fiction submissions in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror/Thriller genres. Britt is specifically looking for: Middle grade: Britt would love to see manuscripts by #OwnVoices authors that are diverse, character focused, and feature an unforgettable adventure. Fantasy that’s rooted in the real world or children stumbling upon a magical world is a plus. Contemporary stories that take on tougher issues are also welcome! Adult: In Adult fiction, Britt’s looking for Fantasy stories that are inspired by cultures that are traditionally underrepresented, as well as futuristic Science Fiction that keeps her turning the pages. She loves rich worldbuilding and immersive storytelling. She’d also like to see female driven thrillers that explore a woman’s experience in the world. Give her complex women! Graphic Novels: Britt is particularly interested in graphic novels for young readers. As an avid comics and graphic novel reader herself, her tastes range from contemporary stories that take on tough topics, to epic adventures in other realms. She welcomes any genre here! Author/illustrator submissions only please.