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The Collision of Process and Product

Saturday, August 3
9:00 am - 10:30 am
St. Helen’s A

Too often when we discuss how to build our writing skills, we talk about process—but at the end of the day, readers won’t know or don’t care what process gets you to a final draft. The key to making any process more effective is to understand how your narrative context (which varies across the arc of a well-told story) applies to your final draft. In this workshop, Larry Brooks will examine the requisite contexts that inform any and all processes, with emphasis on which contexts should be seized as the best opportunities to strengthen your narrative.


Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks is the creator of Storyfix.com and the author of four successful books on the craft of fiction, as well as six well-reviewed thrillers including a USA Today bestseller and a “Best Books” nod from Publishers Weekly. He is a frequent presenter at the Willamette Writers Conference and presents workshops nationally and internationally.