On-the-Spot Critiques

On-the-Spot Critiques are where publishing professionals give you 10 minutes of their undivided attention for an in-the-moment critique of your work. You can opt for an expert on writing craft, story structure, platform building (web and social media presence), query letter or pitching, and career advice.

What to Bring to Your Critique Session

On the day of your critique session, bring the following items with you to make certain you can get the most out of your time:

  • One-page Critique: Bring the first page of your manuscript. If you have it formatted, so the text starts in the middle of the page, bring the first two.
  • Story Analysis: Bring any outline you’ve already prepared, or just some personal notes so you can discuss the story as effectively as possible.
  • Platform Building: Bring your laptop or tablet, so your coach can look at what you already have.
  • Query Letter/Pitching: Bring your completed query letter.
  • Career Consultation: Bring your questions and be ready to describe your career path and where you want to go.

How to Register

On-the-Spot Critiques are $25, and there is no limit to the amount of On-the-Spot Critique times you choose. Anyone offering an On-the-Spot Critique will have “OTS” after their name.

When Conference registration opens, begin here. You will find all the details you need to register and find the right industry professional to provide your On-the-Spot Critique.

If you are already registered for the Conference, log back into Conference Registration. Once you have logged in, select the link that reads “View or Change Your Existing Registration”. Click the CONTINUE button on the bottom. Then, click YOUR AGENDA from the menu at the top. On Your Agenda page, there will be multiple times available for On-the-Spot Critique with the pros. Choose which one(s) you like. The On-the-Spot Critique time(s) will not be held for you until you click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page. There is the chance that an On-the-Spot Critique time may have already been claimed while you were choosing your time and thus become unavailable. In that case, registration will suggest that you choose a different time. Once you’ve chosen the critiques you want, go through the checkout process to complete your On-the-Spot Critique registration.

What Are They Looking For