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  2. Newport Public Library

Newport: Open Mic

Newport Public Library 35 NW Nye St, Newport, OR

Join us for an Open Mic! Join your Willamette Writers Coast Chapter for an Open Mic on Saturday November 19 from 2-3:30PM, co-sponsored by the Newport Public Library. Come share your work or listen in and clap for your colleagues and friends. Each reader will have five minutes to share their work. We can't wait to…

Newport: First Drafts with Sue Fagalde Lick

Newport Public Library 35 NW Nye St, Newport, OR

From Messy First Draft to Masterpiece with South Beach author Sue Fagalde Lick You’ve turned out a bunch of pages in a burst of inspiration or the marathon of Nanowrimo. Congratulations. You’re off to a good  start. But is it ready to publish? Not even close. What you have is a raw lump of clay…

Newport: Self-Publishing with Dale Ivan Smith

Newport Public Library 35 NW Nye St, Newport, OR

Willamette Writers Coast Chapter Presents Self-Publishing Program: How to Publish Yourself Author and retired librarian Dale Ivan Smith knows from firsthand experience that navigating the brave new world of self-publishing presents a daunting challenge for even the most accomplished writers. Given his expertise in this arena, the Willamette Writers (WW) Coast Chapter is honored to…

Orit Ofri

Orit Ofri serves as the president and chair of the board of Willamette Writers. She leads the organization’s strategic planning, oversees its programs and operations, and is the digital media manager for the organization, leading Willamette Writers's social media, web publishing, and more. As a software engineer and an MBA, Orit works with small businesses, nonprofits, writers, and creative professionals on marketing, strategy, online presence, and business planning. When working with writers, Orit focuses on discovering the writer's brand and building effective and personalized online presence that enhances each writer’s career path and fits the writer’s skill-set and aspirations. Visit oritofri.com for more or Contact her.