The Author’s Road

Salli Slaughter and George Mason of Willamette Writers The Authors Road, Photo credit Marion Vendit

George, Salli, and Ella

A Quest to Learn from America’s Writers

The Author’s Road explores the art of writing in a series of interviews with working and respected writers and others involved in the world of letters. George Mason and Salli Slaughter tour the country with their dog, Ella, a truck named “Rocinante Tres” (after Don Quixote’s horse and John Steinbeck’s camper-truck), and an RV named “Hardscribble Hacienda” (after the home of an old friend, writer Hugh Mulligan).

They hope to learn what inspires writers, how they do it, and how technology has changed the craft.

Check out a couple of their videos:

Daniel Handler (allegedly Lemony Snicket…)

… and George R.R. Martin, author of Game of Thrones.

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