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Our Portland speaker meetings have 65 to 100 attendees. They are held the first Tuesday of each month at the historic Old Church in downtown Portland, 1422 SW 11th Ave. Doors open and fellowship begins at 6:30, the meeting starts at 7 and ends at 8. Book signings, silent auctions, or other events are held in the back room after the meeting until 8:30 pm. The Young Willamette Writers’meeting for grades 5 to 10 takes place in an adjacent room.

The speaker meetings are free to WW members and full time students. Guests and nonmembers are asked for a donation (click event for details). Information on speakers is posted below. Join us on MeetUp to receive meeting updates, and follow Willamette Writers on Twitter @wilwrite and on Facebook.

Speaker schedules can change and we do our best to keep you informed. Questions? Email pdx@willamettewriters.org

Timberline Review Present at Write to Publish Conference 1/30

Ooligan Press’ Write to Publish conference, slated for January 30, 2016, will be held at the Smith Memorial Student Union, located at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon. This year’s conference is sponsored by Desert Palm Press, a lesbian romance publisher. Arthur Bradford, O. Henry Award-winning writer, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and The Moth grand SLAM winner, will give…

FiLMLaB Turns Five

FiLMLaB Turns Five This January! Yes, FiLMLaB is having a birthday. January marks the fifth year of our little experiment in short screenwriting. The birth was touch and go, painful at times and fraught with panic as we were initiated into the lab. After many long nights and early mornings we survived our first year;…

The Story Underneath the Story, Lidia Yuknavitch

On Tuesday, December 1st, at the Old Church in downtown Portland, award-winning Portland author, Lidia Yuknavitch, joins the Willamette Writers membership meeting to talk about going deeper in your story. If you want to go deeper, probe, explore, tunnel, hibernate, and burrow, here’s an amazing opportunity to start your story excavation process. The process is…

The Writing Life According to Willy Vlautin

On Tuesday, November 3rd, at the Old Church in downtown Portland, Portland author and musician, Willy Vlautin, joins the Willamette Writers meeting to talk about the relationship of music and writing, the writing life according to WV, the struggles of working and trying to write, songwriting… and any other topics that come up.

Finding my Story, Losing My Voice

On Tuesday, October 6th, at the Old Church in downtown Portland, Oregon writer C.B. “Chris” Bernard joins the Willamette Writers meeting to talk about the remarkable journey that became his book, “Chasing Alaska: A Portrait of the Last Frontier Then and Now.” (Lyons Press, 2013)

How Art and Culture Engage and Empower, Elizabeth Woody, Portland

On Tuesday, September 1st, at the Old Church in downtown Portland, Oregon, poet Elizabeth Woody comes to the Willamette Writers meeting to talk about the transformative role of art and culture, and her relationship to the land through her tribal identity. About Elizabeth Woody — Poet, Artist & Educator Elizabeth Woody is an enrolled member…

Why You Need an Agent – Portland

Literary agent Chip MacGregor and his client, author Leslie Gould, will talk about the client / agent relationship. They will also answer member questions informally starting at 6 pm, with their presentation at 7 pm.