Kate Herzog Scholarship – Suspended Till Further Notice

The Kate Herzog Scholarship Has Been Suspended.

Named after one of the co-founders of Willamette Writers, the Kate Herzog Scholarship awarded  high school seniors, college freshman and sophomores.

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The 2016 Kate Herzog Writing Scholarship award winners are:

1st, Julia Gagliardi, freshman Fordham University, for her short story A Night Ride

2,  Jocelyne Vasquez, will attend University of Florida, for her non-fiction piece Rams From Around the World

3, Brittany Fust, will attend Oakland University, for her manuscript Alzheimer’s Story

4, Allie Spensley, high school senior, for her story Hiccups and poems Baptism and Aubade with Radius Fracture

Honorable Mention, Colette Parry, freshman, Simmons College, for her story Test

Winners of the 2015 Herzog Writing Scholarships are:

1st place, Emily Alice Brockman, Seward, AK, for her nonfiction piece, Auntie Mock
2nd place, Addison Rizer, Phoenix, AZ, for her story, Supernova
3rd place, Claudia Owusu, Columbus, Ohio, for her poem Sophie Street
4th place, Hannah Rea, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, for her nonfiction piece, My Dearest London

Honorable Mention:

Logan ShuttA Swollen Heart
Anastasia Arvin-DiBlasioThe Overpass

The winners of the 2011 Kate Herzog Scholarships were…

Rachel Verleur Jani for Awake, first place.

Sarah Anischik for Heart Strings, second place.

Sarah Iverson for From Dad to Father, third place.

Kayla Silvey, for Cider and Snowflakes, fourth place

Joshua Felix, for Danny Boy, Honorable Mention.

Edgar Trujillo, for Deceitful Beauty, Honorable Mention.

The winners of the 2010 Kate Herzog Scholarships were…

Angelica Julia Davila for Tips, first place.

Jennifer Moore for A Sigh, second place.

James Bojaciuk for Pockets, third place.

Alissa Lowe, for Tir Na Nog: The Land of Eternal Youth, fourth place.

Chelsea Bokman, for Dovely, Honorable Mention.

Karah Kemmerly, for Home Alone, Honorable Mention.

Priscilla McCelvey, for Scars for Fences, Honorable Mention.

Emelie Havard, for Even Angels Cry, Honorable Mention.

Winners were invited to an awards banquet at the annual Willamette Writers conference August 7th, 2010.

The winners of the 2009 Kate Herzog Scholarships were…

Boulay accepts her Kate Herzog Writing Scholarship at Willamette Writers annual awards banquet.Erica Boulay for her entry What I Don’t Remember, first place.

Erica accepts her scholarship from Cynthia Whitcomb. Photo, Frank DiMarco.

Kara Moran for Meet Gary Scott, second place.

Kelsey Burritt for Theft, third place.

Kate Canter for Pockets, fourth place.

Caitlin Fry, honorable mention for Have You Seen This Father?