Willamette Writers Salem Co-Chairs

The Salem Chapter is run by two co-chairs who together create a program to fit the needs and interests of the Willamette Writers members from the Salem area.

  • Kathy Saviers
    After working in law enforcement as a forensic examiner for more than 30 years, Kathy is turning her efforts towards writing fiction. While she has published three research papers in scholarly journals and written technical manuals on forensic practices, she finds the craft of writing novels is far different than writing a crime scene report. She has had one short story published in the Gold Man Review.
  • Summer Bird
    Orit creates the content on the Salem Chapter website and Facebook page; she also handles PR and all email communication for the chapter.

Past Chairs of the Salem Chapter:

  • Orit Ofri
  • Marilyn Ebbs (Chapter Founder)
  • Heather Cuthberston (Chapter Founder)