Contact Willamette Writers Salem

Please email the Salem Chapter (salem [at] willamettewriters [dot] org) for:

  • General questions and comments
  • To be added to or removed from the Salem Chapter email list
  • Presenting inquires and speaking arrangements
  • Membership questions
  • Workshop ideas or questions
  • Critique groups
  • Upcoming events
  • Blog questions
  • Community events
  • Media inquires
  • Facebook questions
  • And any other question…

You should hear back from us within a few days (longer if it’s July/August/December). If you don’t, please try again or contact the Willamette Writers main office.

Follow the instructions here to submit member announcements and other announcements. Be sure to list the Salem Chapter, so we can add it to the Salem Chapter’s communications.

You can also contact the Willamette Writers office using this form:

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