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Online: Coffee at your Kitchen Table

October 23 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Good morning, writer! Join us online for coffee and conversation at 10AM PST on Saturday mornings. All are welcome! Click the link to join us: After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. See you soon!

Online: Writing About Trauma with Deborah A. Lott

October 25 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
How do you write about the worst thing that ever happened to you when it hurts to think about it? How can you write about it in a way that doesn’t also traumatize your readers? Deborah A. Lott, author of Don’t Go Crazy Without Me: A Tragicomic Memoir, will address these questions and more at…

Online: Coffee at your Kitchen Table

October 26 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Good morning, writer! Join us online for coffee and conversation at 8AM on Tuesday mornings. Click the link to join us: After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. See you soon!

The Write Place: An Online Meeting for Productivity

October 28 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Join us at the Write Place each week, online. Discuss goal setting and productivity while encouraging, supporting, and connecting with other writers.

Online: Contracts and Copyrights with David Paul Williams

November 2 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
CONTRACTS, COPYRIGHTS AND TAXES, OH MY! – What writers need to know about business You pitched the book proposal–now the agent or publisher wants the manuscript. But what’s all this about contracts, copyright, invoices, and quarterlies? If it’s on the Internet, I can use it, right? Am I a business or a hobby? Should I…

YWW Online: Make it Believable with Connie King Leonard

November 6 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am
As writers of fiction, we make things up. But how do we craft our story so it is realistic enough to be believable? Using Sleeping in my Jeans as a springboard, we will look at what it must be like to be sixteen and homeless. How does Mattie get her homework done? Where does she…

Online: Short writing with Anthony St. Clair

November 8 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
The Long Power of Short Writing with Anthony St. Clair Eugene & Southern Oregon Chapter Meeting Articles. Short stories. Essays. Short forms of writing add long power to your completed works, and they can be used throughout your writing career in exciting ways. Short fiction and non-fiction are also powerful ways to strengthen your writing…

Online: Be a Storyteller with Charlie Jane Anders

November 15 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
How to be a Storyteller with Charlie Jane Anders When you hear the word “storyteller,” you probably imagine a man with a luxurious white beard, or a woman with elaborate robes and some kind of talking stick. Either way, they sit around a campfire and weave a spell with their words. But we all have…




Your writing community NEWS

Member News: Author Event — Buried Truths

Author Elsa Wolf is pleased to announce that several book clubs have read her paperback novel, Buried Truths: A Daughter’s Tale, and asked her to appear as a guest speaker. She hopes to be invited to more events. This tale is about the deception surrounding Heidi’s adoption in 1958, and the evolution of her life.…

Member News: New Release — Small Business Experience Marketing

The timing is perfect for small business owners to take advantage of the practical ideas and low-cost ways to grow and thrive with the new book, Small Business Experience Marketing. Written by community event consultant Bridget Bayer, this innovative manual of best practices shows how to create memorable experiences by tickling all the senses and…

Member News: Preorder — Love, Dance, & Egg Rolls

Pre-order of Love, Dance & Egg Rolls by Jason Tanamor is live! Jamie Santiago is just an ordinary high school teenager―he has a huge crush on a girl from school, he watches a ton of sitcoms, and he is constantly trying to keep his dad from feeding egg rolls to his white friends. Not to…

Member News: Author Event — Baggy Red Pants and Other Stories

Baggy Red Pants and Other Stories: Short Stories, Poems, Lyrics and Visual Art by 3 Hand Stephen (writer, performer, recording and visual artist, and singer/songwriter Stephen Cohen) was published by Wake-Robin Press on August 3rd. There will be an Annie Blooms Books virtual reading event on Zoom at 7 PM on September 20th. Find out…

Member News: New Release — Dread Watch

Dread Watch is a middle grade supernatural thriller by Jared Agard, released on September 1st, 2021. Caleb Meyer stumbles upon an old pocketwatch in an abandoned railroad museum. Something about it makes him sure that, if he has it, the watch will take away all of his fears. But the watch is a trap concocted…

Member News: eBook — River Run

Amazon has chosen River Run by J. S. James as a Kindle Book Deal (priced at $1.99) beginning Aug. 9, 2021. Tell your friends. River Run is an explosive debut mystery for readers of Christine Carbo and Paul Doiron featuring a newly minted deputy thrust into the cutthroat world of hunting. This waterfowl season, the…

Member News: New Release — Guin the Emerald

Portland author Louisa Kelley announces the release of the latest book in her WLW fantasy romance series, The Shift Series. Shape-shifting dragons in Portland, gorgeous women, intrigue, romance and mystery, plus a baby dragon! This book follows the acclaimed first book in the series, Fianna The Gold. Guin is on a mission in the Oregon…

Member News: New Release — Blue Song

Blue Song, Nancy Rhodes’ first published novel, released on May 19. Allie Bennett, fed up with a lackluster advertising position at a dying newspaper and a life choked by a traumatic relationship, purchases a one-way ticket to Chile. The plan to find and face that demon from her past goes awry when a group of…

Member News: New Release — Back Up

Marshall Welch’s new novel, Back Up, released on July 1. This is the story of Bessie James — a singer/songwriter first introduced in the prequel Back Story who is living her life from the inside out. She takes a detour from her rocky road to fame and fortune. Along the way she encounters a number…

Member News: New Release — The Blossom of the Thar

Oscar Z. Hutson’s new novel, The Blossom of the Thar, released June 6th. Rahoul Sharma wants to improve life in Thar desert in his native State of Rajasthan, India. His friend, Sohrabi Mirza, a Muslim girl of great beauty, shares his ideals. Using his engineering skills to implement solar power on a large scale, Rahoul…

Writing Resources from Willamette Writers

Writing Advice from Zoraida Córdova

By Conference Intern

by Mari Hotchkiss An unusual career path. As a young child in Ecuador, Zoraida Córdova grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories that were filled with magic and wonder. At six years old, she immigrated to the United States with…

creating characters

Creating Characters

By Kate Ristau

Happy Fall! Have you got your sweater? Your scarf? Your pumpkin-spiced whatever?Then sit down and talk with us about character.  Hemingway said, “When writing a novel, a writer should create living people; people, not characters. A character is a caricature.”…

How to Happily write your query

How To Happily Write A Query Letter

By Willamette Writers Portland

We’re excited that Bill Kenower is a member of the faculty at the upcoming Willamette Writers Conference. Bill is the author of Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write With Confidence and Write Within Yourself: An Author’s Companion. In…


By Willamette Writers Portland

We’re excited that Erick Mertz is a member of the faculty at the upcoming Willamette Writers Conference. Erick is a Portland-based ghostwriter and fiction/memoir manuscript consultant. Over the last five years as a full-time freelancer he has written manuscripts for…

Experts Weigh In: 10 Crucial Screenwriting Mistakes

By Willamette Writers Portland

Experts Weigh In: 10 Crucial Screenwriting Mistakes Lee Jessup, a member of our screenwriting faculty at the upcoming Willamette Writer’s Conference and the author of Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches and Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A…

The 7 Things Writers Need to Make a Living by Sonia Simone

By Willamette Writers Portland

Written by SONIA SIMONE Reprinted with permission from Copyblogger.  If you’re a writer, you might have heard this most of your life: People don’t make a living writing. You should find something practical to do with your life. Smart, capable writers grimly…

WW News

Author Cohorts

Join your author cohort this fall! Author cohorts will meet online for weekly write-ins, check-ins, and workshops during the month of November. After the cohort, you will be connected with a published mentor to help you continue along your author journey. Reserve your spot now – $99 for Willamette Writers members, and $199 for guests.…

We are proud to announce the speakers at the 52nd Annual Willamette Writers Conference on July 29 – August 1, 2021!

Writing Advice from Zoraida Córdova

by Mari Hotchkiss An unusual career path. As a young child in Ecuador, Zoraida Córdova grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories that were filled with magic and wonder. At six years old, she immigrated to the United States with her mom and grandma, causing her to abandon her love of stories. “I stopped reading.…

Literary Agents at the 2020 Willamette Writers Conference Register now for our 2020 Conference, and meet these agents, along with other top notch industry professionals. You can register for a pitch or critique, and share your work with these pros. They are excited to hear from you. At the conference, you can join them in…

C.C. Humphreys, Best-Selling Author of Historical Fiction, Joins the Willamette Writers Conference

Chris “CC” Humphreys, author of ten historical novels, is joining the 2020 Willamette Writers Conference.

TV Development and Production with Grant Rosenberg

Grant Rosenberg, an accomplished film creator, will be joining the Willamette Writers Conference this August

We are proud to announce the speakers at the 51st Annual Willamette Writers Conference on July 31 – August 2, 2020!

Willamette Writers Authors at the Portland Book Festival

We are proud to be supporting these Willamette Writers member authors at this year’s Portland Book Festival on November 9th!   9AM-9:30AM  Dede Montgomery  Sue Fagalde Lick  Sharleen Nelson  Tasche Laine  9:30AM-10AM  Kerry Blaisdell  Kay Jennings  Phillip Kenney  Deni Starr  10AM-11AM  Paula Butterfield  Charley  Descoteaux  Marilyn McDonald  Holly Manno  11AM-12PM  Mazarine Treyz  Marilynne Eichinger  Rick George  Jo Sparkes  12PM-1PM  Ruby Lee Cornelius  Holly Manno  Bob Ferguson  Kim Hester  1PM-2PM  Anne Hendren  Jeff Stookey  R. Gregory Noakes  Heather Ames  2PM-3PM  Dawn Prochovnic  Julie  Dawn…

FiLMLaBtv 2019 Writer’s Room The 2019 winning script is “Stripes,” written by Alexandra Keister. Keister, an executive assistant and screenwriter, has written two feature-length screenplays, both romantic comedies, and a handful of short screenplays that range from dark sci-fi to the classically uplifting my-dog-is-dead story. She graduated from Oregon State University in 2012 with a BA…

Willamette Writers Authors Sign Books at The Portland Book Festival

by Ari Mathae Willamette Writers, the Portland literary community, and book lovers near and far will meet again Saturday 10, 2018, for the largest celebration of books in the Pacific Northwest: The Portland Book Festival. The event starts at 9 A.M. at the Portland Art Museum and continues there and at other neighboring venues in the…