The 2018 Willamette Writers Conference Team

JS Schrader head shot - Jenny Schrader (WilWrite Conference Partnerships Coordinator)

Jenny S Schrader - 2018 Conference Partnerships Coordinator

Jenny grew up outside of a very small town (pop. 8) in Kansas (yes, she's a real farmer’s daughter), but moved to Portland to attend Reed College in the 90s, so she figures she's a true Oregonian now. Especially since she married a Portland native. (Although every real native she meets informs her that it doesn’t count.) She spends much of her time writing, gardening, taking care of her “farm” (one dog, one cat, and the chickens), doing far too much knitting, traveling (though never enough), and working for the fabulous glass artist Roger Thomas at Roger Thomas Glass. Although it’s not really working. Most of it is making sure he’s not watching YouTube videos of cats and theremin players while he’s supposed to be in the studio throwing glass around.

Find out more: on her website; on Facebook @jenny.s.schrader; on Twitter: @jennysschrader

fullsizeoutput_11cc - Volunteer Coordinator WilWrite Conference

Kirstin Fulton - 2018 Conference Volunteer Coordinator

Kirstin Fulton is a seasoned freelance writer who sometimes manages to carve out time for her own creative pursuits. When not writing, she's busy with her family: planning adventures, exploring the wild PNW, and teaching her kids how to be global citizens (and other life basics).

Find out more: on her website

Kathleen Colvin Portrait

Kathleen Colvin - 2018 Conference Marketing Coordinator

Kathleen Colvin gets courage from Amelia Earhart, determination from Jane Austen, and perseverance from Cleopatra. Colvin wrote two Oregon history books published by an academic press. While researching these works, she became disgruntled with the marginalization of women. For the past 20 years, she’s researched strong women in history.

She wrote her first historical novel, "Marc Antony’s Best Wife," about an inspiring woman who fought the entire Roman establishment to protect her children. She is currently writing a novel depicting Cleopatra in a new light.

In addition to traveling internationally numerous times for research, Colvin has a personal library of over 800 scholarly books on ancient history. She has been part of the speakers’ bureau of the Oregon Council of the Humanities.

Colvin believes that our path today has already been forged by other strong women. She blogs weekly about these inspirational women on her website

Find out more: on her website; on Facebook

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IMG_3749 - Jason Brick (WilWrite Conference Chair)

Jason Brick - 2018 Conference Chair

Jason Brick is a professional writer, martial artist, travel addict, and dad whose work has been published across multiple genres and formats.

Find out more: on his website; on Twitter: @JasonWBrick.

Photo Credit: Rachel Letofsky.

Large8 - LeeAnn McLennan

LeeAnn McLennan - 2018 Conference Registration Coordinator

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, LeeAnn Elwood McLennan was always looking for any opportunity to read – under the covers in bed, in the car, and in class using the book hidden in the textbook trick. When her father introduced her to sci-fi/fantasy through a book of short stories from Astounding Stories, the possibilities in every word captivated her interest and her daydreams involved other worlds, magical powers and time travel. Stories permeate her life from her multiple Alice in Wonderland tattoos to the names of her cats (Atticus, Boo Radley, and Finch). Nowadays she is the author of the YA trilogy The Supernormal Legacy (Dormant, Root, and Emerge). LeeAnn lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Andy, and three cats (number of cats subject to change). Visit her at, follow her on Facebook @lemwrites, Twitter @atticusmcl, and Instagram @atticusmcl.

Find out more: on her Facebook @lemwrites; on Twitter: @atticusmcl.

Photo Credit: Andy McLennan.

John Dover head shot - John Dover (WilWrite Conference Lit Coordinator)

John Dover - 2018 Conference Lit Coordinator

John Dover is the writer and creator of Johnny Scotch, a comic book series and series of novellas. He is also a contributor to several anthologies and a regular contributor to Along with being an author, John is an accomplished musician and music educator for Conn-Selmer Inc., and Bach trumpets.

Find out more: on his website; on Facebook @johndoverauthor; on Twitter: @jscotchjustice.

Photo Credit: Cambrae Chipman.

Victoria-photo2 - Victoria Rau (WilWrite Conference Film Coordinator)

Victoria Rau - 2018 Conference Film Coordinator

On her way to a PhD in history, Victoria Rau changed lanes and headed towards fiction. A native of San Diego, she graduated with a master’s degree in Medieval history from Durham University in England before moving on to earn her MFA from Northwestern University. Since then, Victoria has concentrated on screenwriting, collaborating on a number of independent films and earning accolades in international screenwriting competitions including Tracking Board, PAGE, and the Nicholl Fellowship. She is currently working on the Peek-A-Boo comic book series for Zenescope Entertainment while writing television pilots on the side. Victoria lives in Oregon City on a 20-acre farm with her husband, three children, and sixty-eight animals.

Find out more: on her Twitter: @victoriaerau.