Become a Young Willamette Writers Member

Are you a student between 5th – 10th grade? Do you love to write? Do you have journals and notebooks covered in words, or blogs and Tumblrs full of stories and songs? 

Then we have the perfect idea for you:  Become a Young Willamette Writers Member.

Join Us

Young Willamette Writers is a community of writers who love to write, and when you say you want to become a member, you are saying you want to take your writing to the next level. And we can help you do that.

Why You Should Become a Young Willamette Writers Member

Becoming a member is easy, and it’s awesome. Young Willamette Writers members receive so many extra benefits, including:

  • Regular contact throughout the month with news and information about author appearances, as well as great blogs, writing prompts and tips about the craft. The YWW’s will be able to ask questions, get advice, and be connected with each other between meetings.
  • YWW’s may also choose to be paired with an adult writing mentor to work on a story, poem, or screenplay and get it polished. When completed, it will be included in a brand new Young Willamette Writers journal.
  • Any YWW who attends at least four meetings throughout the school year may attend a day of the Willamette Writers Conference for free, with programming specifically geared for them.

Becoming a member will give you the help and support you need to level-up. From meetings to mentoring to the Conference, we know you’ll find your perfect fit in our community of writers. Membership does require written parental permission, and costs $20 per year. You can register below, and financial aid is available for anyone who requests it.

So take the plunge — register now. Become a part of something fantastic!