Willamette Writers on the River October 23 meeting


In this talk, Benjamin Gorman, a novelist and a creative writing teacher, explains why writers need to read as writers and not like casual readers. Benjamin will show how doing so will benefit your writing and offer opportunities to practice. If you enjoy writing and enjoy reading, learning to put the two together should be exponential fun!


Benjamin Gorman teaches high school English in Independence, Oregon, where he lives with his beautiful, smart, and infinitely patient wife, Paige, and his essentially perfect son, Noah. He’s the author of The Sum of Our Gods, the Amazon bestseller Corporate High School, and his most recent novel, The Digital Storm, a science fiction retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Benjamin and his wife Paige are the co-publishers at Not a Pipe Publishing. They are the only company in the US to accept Kamila Shamsie’s challenge to make 2018 “The Year of Publishing Women.” They’ll be releasing eight titles next year by six amazing authors!

Follow Benjamin on twitter at @teachergorman, check out his blog at www.TeacherGorman.com, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheSumOfOurGods or instagram @teachergorman. Check out Not a Pipe Punblishing at www.notapipepublishing.com (twitter @notapipepublishing, Instagram @notapipepublishing)