FYI: The Inklings, a Local Critique Group, is Inviting New Members

At the last meeting representatives of the Inklings critique group invited WotR members (and other writers) to join their group. Here are some more details about the group from Dinaz Rogers who is also the contact person for the group.

Inklings is a critique group that meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month in Corvallis at the Market of Choice mezzanine, from 11 AM to 1 PM. On a given Sunday, two members present their work, usually prose– fiction or non-fiction, any genre. Some prefer to bring copies of their work for all or send via email to the rest. We spend an hour critiquing each presentation. For more details contact Dinaz Rogers at

At the moment we have 10 members (not all ten show up every time; usually we average six or seven). We have each other’s email addresses. The two who are up that Sunday, send their manuscripts about eight days in advance (at times they send it to me and I forward to the rest, which new members can do), so that others can make copies, take time to read/critique/edit, write on their copy. At the meeting members give their opinion, for all to hear, one at a time (round robin). We usually have a limit of 5,000 words per reading. We have different levels/skills. No one is a beginner, but beginners are most welcome.

Thank you, Dinaz Rogers and the Inklings for the invite and the info.

Please note that Writers on the River is planning an interactive session on the topic of critique groups for our February meeting. Any feedback/input/questions you have on the topic is appreciated. You can -comment on this blog post (comments are moderated before published, so if you don’t want us to post your comment please say so) or through the options provided on the contact page.