Lee Stobby

After graduating from the University of Michigan and moving to LA in 2009, Lee Stobby has quickly made a name for himself championing strong independent voices and quality cinema and television. He is a literary manager, producer and principal of Lee Stobby Entertainment. Before starting his own shingle in 2014, Stobby worked at Misher Films, Double Feature Films, Industry Entertainment, Innovative Artists, and Caliber Media, where he began representing literary clients in 2012. Stobby is producing ‘POPSICLE’ with Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision and Red Sea Media as well as ‘BUBBLES’, a biopic of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee which was ranked #1 on the 2015 Black List and is also being produced by Dan Harmon’s Starburns Industries (ANOMALISA, RICK & MORTY) and EndCue (COP CAR) with Taika Waititi and Mark Gustafson directing. Stobby is also a producer on WILDLING, which is currently in post-production and written and directed by Fritz Böhm and starring Bel Powley, Liv Tyler and Brad Dourif. Some of Stobby’s other writer and director clients include Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237, THE NIGHTMARE), Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (THE TRIBE), Tom Castillo whose script DICK MOVE has Rough House and Benaroya Producing and Olivia Munn set to star, Thomas Brandon whose pilot TRANSIENCE sold to CW this last cycle, Samantha Buck & Marie Schlingmann who are a female filmmaker team who are writing and directing NEED for Covert Media, and Kate Trefry who made the Black List in 2013 (PURE O) and 2016 (REVOLVER) and is currently staffed on STRANGER THINGS season 2. 

Pitch Preferences:

Looking for:

  • All genres of features and TV… especially work that is powerful, unique, or specific. 

Not interested in:       

• Anything that is too broad or generic.