Kailey Marsh

Kailey Marsh is a manager / producer and CEO of Kailey Marsh Media. She represents screenwriters, and directors that work in all genres in the feature, and television and new media space. Her animation director Michael John Roberts (BoJack Horseman, F Is for Family) is the supervising director on the upcoming TBS show FINAL SPACE. Peter Hoare (Trip Tank) is writing a movie for E One, and is currently staffed writer on KEVIN CAN WAIT on CBS. Seth Sherwood (Leatherface, Off World) is writing the horror film HELLFEST for CBS Films / Valhalla and Patrick Day writes for TellTale Games (Batman, Walking Dead). Kailey, as well as her other client’s have multiple other projects in different stages of development, production, and post-production.
Kailey created The BloodList in 2009, which is the annual list hi-lighting the top 13 most-liked unproduced dark-genre screenplays of the year. The list has turned into a popular website (BloodList.com), a platform for all voices in the horror world and a producing entity. In 2016 she launched The Fresh Blood Initiative, a free submission system where you are entered to be part of the Fresh Blood section on the annual BloodList.
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Gory horror