Carolyn Forde

I have been at WCA since 2005, and been a shareholder in the agency since 2010. I have a B.A. Hons in English Literature and History from Trent University (year abroad at Liverpool Hope University), earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Publishing Sciences from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, and completed the Simon Fraser University Publishing Intensive course in Vancouver. I have lived and worked in Japan, Mexico and the Czech Republic and am a dual citizen of Canada and the UK.

I am looking for books that I can’t put down

In fiction I’m either so absorbed with the world and the story or so affected by the language and characters that I’ll stay up past my bedtime. I like books that feel like treats, not work. I know I’m onto something when I want to press a book into the hands of my friends saying, “you MUST read this,” because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will love it.


I like an unusual tale in memoir, a book that I can learn from, also something from an expert in a field on a current issue, and narrative non-fiction that expands the reader’s world. I’m not looking for memoirs about illness (not because they aren’t valid but because I don’t like to read them). The writing and the story are both paramount.

I am interested in books that have international appeal.

I travel to both the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair each year on behalf of WCA and work closely with our co-agents around the world. I also travel to New York regularly and maintain relationships with many editors there.

In recent years I have been a speaker or mentor at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, Muskoka Literary Festival, DarkLit Literary Festival, Word on the Street, Writers Group of Durham, Ontario Writers’ Conference, Diaspora Dialogues and the Canadian Authors Association.