Annie Hwang

Annie Hwang is an agent at Folio Literary Management where she represents a range of fiction for adults and select nonfiction projects. She gravitates towards literary fiction with commercial appeal, and is particularly drawn to braided narratives and layered plots, especially when populated by complex characters with deep emotional resonance. Commercially, she’s looking for both sweeping historical fiction and visceral literary thrillers that depart from the norm of the genre. The most important thing to her, beyond concept or pitch, is breathtaking storytelling that stretches its genre to new heights. A California native, Annie worked in journalism before joining the publishing world, where she digs for stories that keep her reading late into the night and stay with her long after she puts them down.

What I am looking for: literary fiction, book club, upmarket, historical, women’s, literary thriller, literary science fiction, speculative fiction, cultural elements. What excites me the most: A voice that makes me forget I’m even reading, the kind of book that makes me lose track of all time and space around me.

Not looking for: Children’s, romance, erotica, poetry, screenplays