Sandra Leviton

Based in Los Angeles, Sandra is a writer, producer, and founder of Under The Stairs Entertainment. Their film, ZONE 2, has played the world at top horror film festivals. Prior to starting Under The Stairs, Sandra spent five years working in Current Programming at top cable network FX, working on over twenty original series, including SONS OF ANARCHY, THE SHIELD, and LOUIE. Previously, she worked in the TV Literary department at Paradigm Talent and Literary Agency, was a production coordinator, and music video producer. Sandra also operates a story consulting service, whose clients include AMC Network, and writers on NARCOS and STAR.

Fri., Aug. 4 (Low Budget Genre Filmmaking at Home) 8-9:30 AM

If you can’t get to Hollywood, create Hollywood in your hometown. Genre films are one of the most popular and self-sustaining brands around. They can also be done on shoe-string budgets in your own backyard. As studios continue to close their doors to original content, and with the proliferation of online distribution, filmmakers are turning to independent sources to bring their genre projects to fruition. Join filmmakers and producers as they share their experiences working with shoestring budgets, difficult locations, and challenging circumstances, as they bring their unique visions to the screen. This isn’t about “guerilla” filmmaking. This is about implementing realistic production goals to make every dollar count resulting in a successful film. This is about how to make your film in your own backyard.

Fri., Aug. 4 (TV Pilot Writing 101) 10-11:30 AM

Attendees will learn the basics of writing a television pilot. This includes how TV differs from film, structure, formatting, differences within the different TV genres, character, plot, and what to expect throughout the process.

Fri., Aug. 4 (3:30- 5 PM) (Moderator: Diverse Voices in Writing)

Sandra Leviton

Fri, August 4  /  10:00 AM - 11:30 AM