Ruby Fink

Ruby Fink is a writer, director and producer from Los Angeles, California. Daughter of actress Jane Sibbett and writer Karl Fink, she has been surrounded and in love with the process of writing and creating new worlds from stories her whole life.

She wrote and directed her first short film when she was twelve, and she won her high school film festival’s Best Screenplay award in 2006 for her sci-fi film, Trash Queen.

In  2012  Ruby  helped  edit  a  two-­‐hour  documentary  called  13  Grandmothers:   Pacifica,  a  series  of  stories  from  indigenous  matriarchal  tribal  leaders  from  the   Islands.    In  2013  Ruby worked  as  a  free-­‐lance  editor  for  1736  Family  Crisis  Center,   making  ten  promotional  short  videos  featuring  Brad  Garret,  Jason  Alexander,   William  Keck  III,  and  Jan  Perry-­‐among others.

One  of  fifteen  students  to  be  accepted  into  Chapman  University’s  Film   Production  Program,  Ruby  studied  Directing,  with  a  minor  in  Narrative  and   Dramatic  Literature.

In  2014,  her  interests  turned  to  podcasting,  bringing  her  in  contact  with  Sebastian  Prooth,  a  fellow  writer  and  producer,  known  for  Star  Trek:  The  Continuing   Mission.  They  teamed up  briefly  to  write  Revolutionaries,  the  pilot  to  the  series,   Shadows  of  Tyranny,  which  was  released  April  4th,  2015.

The  show  never  released  any  more  episodes,  but  the  work  inspired  Ruby   Fink  to  create  her  own  show,  Mickie  McKinney:  Boy  Detective,  an  old-­‐radio  styled   detective  story  about Mickie  McKinney,  a  middle  school  private  eye  who  solves  the   mysteries  that  plague  the  halls  of  Maple  Ridge  Middle  School  with  his  best  friend,   Sam  Hayes.

Ruby  met  with  Jack  Rochester  when  she  submitted  her  audio  show  to  his   podcast,  Fictional  Café,  in  the  hopes  of  introducing  her  show  to  a  wider  audience.   The  two  bonded  over their  love  of  old  radio  shows  and  when  Jack  mentioned  he   needed  an  editor  for  his  audio  book,  Ruby  was  happy  to  take  on  the  project.  Now   with  two  finished audio books completed, and a cast of talented voice actors at her disposal, Ruby is looking for more projects to take on to expand her audio book business.