Marilyn Atlas

Marilyn R. Atlas is a talent and literary manager and award-winning producer. Among her credits as film producer are “Real Women Have Curves” for HBO; “A Certain Desire,” starring Sam Waterston; and “Echoes.”. Previously, Marilyn developed the “Brides’ March” for Lifetime Television as well as a limited television series. She previously produced the musical version of “Real Women Have Curves” in Los Angeles in 2009 and is involved in the current development of “Real Women Have Curves” for 2017. Her Lifetime movie “The Choking Game” based on the YA book by Diana Lopez aired in summer 2014. In addition to Marilyn’s film/TV credits, she has sold (first time) novels to HarperCollins, Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Publishing, and to Source Books. She is also featured in the book “Write Now!” from Penguin/Tarcher. She is the co-author of a relationship-based, screenwriting guide called “Dating Your Character,” about an organic approach to character creation for Stairway Press’s Summer 2016 catalog. As a member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Marilyn has long been committed to issues surrounding diversity in Hollywood.

Friday (Aug. 4) (3:30-5 PM) Diverse Voices in Writing (Panelist)

Diversity may be the key issue of Western society this decade, and as the Oscars recently demonstrated our creative professionals can do more to help win this fight.

This panel features writers who have lived in the current context for their entire careers. They’ll answer questions and offer insights on how the industry needs to change (and has changed), as well as how individual writers can better serve the need for diversity in their own work.

Saturday (Aug. 53:30-5 PM (Navigating Emotional Corridors)

Going to the movies or binge-watching in the privacy of your home is about viscerally enjoying what it’s like to be someone else. Through this workshop, participants will explore how to deepen their characters’ arcs, define their characters in relation to the agendas of other characters, ensure their stories have not only conflict, but meaningful conflict stemming from diverse POVs, and much, much more.



Sat, August 5  /  3:30 PM - 5:00 PM