Carlisle Webber

Carlisle Webber refused to major in English in college because she didn’t think there was anything fun to read on the required lists. She took her love of commercial and YA fiction to the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences and worked as a public librarian for years before switching to the business side of publishing. Her favorite stories are dramatic yet irresistible, so if your book reads like a Shonda Rhimes show or could find a home on the CW network, she could be the agent for you. In her spare time, she runs, does MMA, and listens to a lot of classic rock.

Pitch Preferences: She’s looking for high-concept commercial fiction of any genre for MG and YA, and for adults in the genres of mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, women’s fiction, and pop/commercial fiction. She’s NOT looking for SF or fantasy for adults, historical fiction, literary fiction, or nonfiction of any kind, including memoir.