They say a student is only as good as her teachers, that an athlete is only as good as his coaches. This may or may not be 100% true, but great instruction sure helps.

Whether you’re writing for stage, screen or paper page; whether you’re looking for basic craft instruction or expert advice on a challenging technique; whether you want to learn what a blog is or how to build the perfect podcast…whatever you need, we’ve searched the continent for the best instructors on all of those things.

As always, we’ve set up tracks to make navigation easy amid the dozens of classes we offer during the three days of the conference. Starting this year, we’ve really upped our effort to find classes with something to offer for experienced and advanced writers as well as the aspiring and up-and-coming.


Willamette Writers Nine Study Tracks

Writing for the Screen (film/tv)

Writing Craft (beginner)

Writing Craft (advanced)

Business and Tech for Writers (beginner)

Business and Tech for Writers (advanced)

Writing Genre (beginner)

Writing Genre (advanced)

Writing for Young Audiences

Memoir / Nonfiction


Learning > Sessions

Nine study tracks have been created for this conference. Regardless of what you write or your level of experience, you will find instruction that will help you become a better writer.

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Learning > Faculty

To support a wide-ranging set of study tracks, we needed an effective mix of faculty members. We have assembled such a mix. Check out their bios and class descriptions.

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On the Spot Critiques

Advance Manuscript Critiques

On the Spot Critiques where publishing professionals give you ten minutes of their undivided attention. You can opt for an expert on writing craft, genre, story structure, web presence, building platform, or other skills modern writers must polish.

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