Bookstore Interviews

Bookstore Interviews

Don’t remember the Sheraton having a bookstore? You’re right. They usually don’t. But they will on one weekend in August.

We’re transforming the Mt. Adams ballroom into a combination bookstore, coffee shop, speaking venue. We’ll work with Barnes & Noble to set up their conference book display and provide plenty of chairs and table space for folks to relax and network with other attendees; plus, we’re looking for an espresso vendor to set up shop. The rest of the space will become a speaking venue for readings, interviews and informal panels, podcasts, and maybe even a bit of live music from time to time.

Finding a community space at a conference our size isn’t always easy. But we all need that opportunity to share and interact with others. And what kind of space could be better for a community of writers than a coffee shop nestled inside a bookstore. Especially when there are continuous readings and activities going on in the back.

Our bookstore venue will offer attendees to hear from faculty members, pitch reps, and keynotes as they speak and answer questions on a range of topics. And we’ll bring in some of our agents and producers, who you may not have access to if you’re not pitching, to share career tips.

Throughout the weekend, the bookstore will be an active spot, but most of it will be loosely planned, so you’ll need to check our announcement board at the conference to find out who’s speaking when.

Looking forward to seeing you there!