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Master Class: The Emerging Writer [FULL]

Thursday, August 1
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Cascade A

Join Angela Rinaldi for this Master Class.

Becoming a published writer takes more than simply honing your craft (though this is key!)—you need to learn both the creative and business sides of writing. In this extensive Master Class, literary agent Angela Rinaldi explores the path of the emerging writer towards publication, from the moment you sit down to write, to the moment you send your work to a literary agent.  

Topics will include:

  • The Writing Life. Taking chances, failures, the writer’s process, how to build a daily writing habit, and how to develop your skills and find ideas. We’ll also explore the wisdom of writers like JoJo Moyes and Megan Abbot, as well as some phenomenal articles on writing from The Wall Street Journal, Poets and Writers, and The New Yorker.
  • Genre. We’ll examine genre from literary fiction to the new genre “hope punk”, and the interchangeable designations of literary, creative, and narrative nonfiction, touching on the insights of John McPhee and the work of Tara Westover.
  • What Makes a Novel Compelling. A checklist of what agents and editors look for when they read a submission. We’ll discuss the craft of writing, editing, revision, “voice”, and what needs to be included in a nonfiction proposal.
  • Literary Agents and Querying. We’ll study sample query letters, agent-listing websites, and why literary agents don’t want to represent self-published books.
  • Writing Communities. We’ll discuss the use of building community on platforms like Wattpad, Medium, Kickstarter, and Reddit.

You’ll leave this Master Class with the benefit of Angela’s expert insight, and the confidence to write what you’ve been hearing in your mind with clarity—without worrying about the end result.

Master classes are small, focused workshops, limited to 15 writers and presented by industry professionals. This Master Class is five hours long and includes lunch. You must register to attend Master Classes at an additional cost. Please register here.


Angela Rinaldi

Angela Rinaldi is a literary agent and president of The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency. The agency was founded in 1994. Prior to starting the agency, she was Executive Editor at NAL and Bantam Books, Senior Editor at  Pocket Books  (Simon & Schuster) and started the book publishing program for The Los Angeles Times. She has been a member of the Literature Panel for the California Arts Council in addition to the board for PEN and the membership committee for AAR. 

She represents the eight million-copy bestseller Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson (Putnam). Other titles on her list include Quirky, Yes — HopelessNo by Dr. Cynthia Norall (St. Martin’s), Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent (Doubleday), From Seed to Skillet  by Jimmy Williams and Susan Heeger (Chronicle), Blood Orange and The Good Sister by Drusilla Campbell (Grand Central Publishing), Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas (Ballantine), The Someday Jar, Allison Van Rooy, The Thyroid Solution by Dr. Ridha Arem (Ballantine), The Deadly Legacy by Julie Vail (Crooked Lane Press), Handcrafted Candy Bars by Susan Heeger and Susie Norris Epstein (Chronicle Books). For a complete list please see website www.rinaldiliterary.com.

Pitch Preferences: She is interested in commercial and literary fiction, upmarket contemporary women’s fiction, suspense, narrative non-fiction, food narratives, lifestyle, memoir, current affairs, and psychology, health books that address specific issues, business and career.