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The 303 of Story — Your Story on Steroids

Sunday, August 6, 2017
10:00 am - 11:30 am
St. Helen’s A

Most of us come to writing with some level of ability fueling our ambition. Our sentences are glowing, our story ideas alive with promise. And yet, neither of those separate us from the writing conference crowd. The commercial marketplace is not looking for the next mid-shelf title, or even a perfectly competent genre entry, or even the next great writer, for that matter. Rather, agents, editors and readers are looking for the next great story, the home run reading experience that checks off all the boxes that we may have learned early in our journey, but have discovered to be elusive and imprecise as we throw ourselves into the work. Break-in novels and breakout bestsellers really are different, and that difference can be isolated, examined, understood and more proactively applied, beginning with the very first glimmer of a potential story, informing each step along the path toward a manuscript that glows in the dark and screams to be read. This workshop will focus on that level of story and process, with accessible strategies to embrace a new level of storytelling power and resonance.


Larry Brooks
Larry Brooks is the author of three books on writing fiction, including the bestseller Story Engineering and the award-winning Story Physics. He is also the USA Today best-selling author of six critically acclaimed thrillers and the creator of the award-winning website Storyfix.com, named six years running by Writer’s Digest magazine in their annual “101 Best Websites for Writers” list.