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Story Structure: Going Forwards by Going Backwards

Saturday, August 5, 2017
8:00 am - 9:30 am
Garden A

How to more effectively set up and pay off your story and characters by writing backwards.


Rima Greer

Rima Greer is the owner of Above the Line Agency, representing a select list of writer/directors. Ms. Greer has been involved in over 60 produced films, including HIGHLANDER, BACKDRAFT, JUMANJI, CHARLIE’S ANGELS, CONSTANTINE, THE PROPHECY (Christopher Walken), ALEGRIA (Cirque du Soleil), SLOW BURN (Minnie Driver), HE WAS A QUIET MAN (Christian Slater and William H. Macy), DRYADS (Norway), LITTLE PINK HOUSE (Catherine Keener), and the upcoming SLINGSHOT with Scott Free. Ms. Greer specializes in the finance and distribution of independent film. She is the author of, “The Real, Low-Down Dirty Truth About Hollywood Agenting” from Quill Driver Books.

Pitch preferences:

•  Completed feature scripts please. Any genre.