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Query Letters to Die For

Friday, August 4, 2017
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Cascade A

Tired of rejection? Are your query letters staid, perfunctory and stale? Successful queries are part science, part art and a dash of good timing. Learn the elements of a persuasive, professional query that piques interest and convinces the editor you are the right person to deliver an article that magazine’s readers must have.


David Paul Williams

Following the adage “write what you know,” David Paul Williams first wrote feature articles for fly fishing magazines, then added business-to-business articles spawned from those college degrees (accounting and law) and three decades of lawyering. The itch to write “what he wanted to know” proved too hard to ignore and that lead to writing a book, Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth. He’s now working on another book—a floating, fishing and camping river guide. Unwilling to be bound by the non-fiction “just the facts, ma’am” shackles, he entered and won the SCN Novel Pitch and First Five Pages Contest. Now half-written, that project barely bubbles on the back burner as he mostly just thinks about plot and character development until the river guide is finished.

David is Editor-In-Chief of Flyfisher, Department Editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal, In The Field Editor of Washington-Oregon Game & Fish and former Business Topics Editor for ArrowTrade.

A firm believer that writing conferences educate and energize attendees and presenters, David willingly shares his knowledge by teaching at numerous conferences. He also learns about the craft and business of writing from other presenters and attendees.

Williams is a practicing lawyer and real estate broker in Bellevue, Washington. He lives with the love of his life, a novelist and short story writer who inspired him to write.