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Writing for the YA/Teen Audience

Saturday, August 4, 2018
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Garden C

The YA/Teen audience is a hard nut to crack. But what makes for a strong Teen/YA project? This class discusses the 7 Necessary Elements of every successful teen project and why you must include them. We’ll go through how to choose your protagonist and know your exact demographic, how to create dialogue that feels genuine, how relatable themes, stakes and dilemmas drive story, the difference between inspirational and aspirational in teen films, and what types of teen stories are driving the marketplace today. Plus, do you HAVE to write the book first? We’ll examine teen hits, the YA Book to Film market, as well as two teen films I helped develop to make sure your stories are snap-worthy.


Danny Manus

As a development executive, a producer, a script consultant, and a screenwriter, I have been on all sides of the pitching table. I have a great instinct for story as well as a passion to help other writers find theirs. As a consultant, I work with writers at all levels to help them improve their craft, their scripts, and their careers. And as a former exec, I know what execs and reps are looking for and how to position writers for their best chance at success.

  • Pitch Preferences:  Features, Television, Short Film, Comedy, Thriller/Crime, Horror, True Stories, Family Film, TV 60 minute, TV 30 minute