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Preparing for and Nurturing a Loyal Fanbase

Saturday, August 4, 2018
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Cascade C

Published writers, and those still wrestling with their stories will want to attend this snapshot of the steps successful authors use to cultivate those first thousand fans who will read anything you give them. It’s so much more fun than you think! Come as you are or get even more out of this by coming with a list of the most tangible parts of your stories (symbols, maps, clothing descriptions, notable trinkets, or anything else that’s memorable). We will breakdown the social media tools the experts use and you’ll see current, live examples, and we will map out a plan you can implement immediately!


Jennie Komp

I began crafting books, as in literally producing them cover to cover, at the age of nine. Stories and our relationships with them have always fascinated me, specifically the books that could expand my perception of the world. They are the lies we use to better understand the truths we aren’t always ready for.

In college I started my studies in psychology and quickly shifted to theater. As a super nerdy home-schooled kid, I’d had the technical skill to write books since I was 14 but I lacked depth in my characterizations and dialogue. My first professional experience in the writing world was as a fiction and instruction manual editor. 10 years later I’m an award winning poet with multiple book series in the works and running a new publishing and book promotion site backed by investors. I am Myth Machine.