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Podcasting for Fun and Profit (mostly fun)

Saturday, August 5, 2017
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Cascade A

What you’ll learn …

  • Why podcast?
  • How to podcast
  • Podcasting formats
  • How to sell a book and make money through podcasting
  • Be blown away by the endless possibilities of how podcasting can lead to greater things

This course is taught by Scott McMahon, creator of the Film Trooper Podcast, the #1 movie making podcast on iTunes and the author of the book, “How to Make and Sell Your Film Online and Survive the Hollywood Implosion While Doing It”.


Scott McMahon

After graduating college with a focus on art and filmmaking, Scott McMahon landed a position with Sony PlayStation where he spent 12 years as the Cinematic Supervisor. At Sony, Scott oversaw the creation of several high profiled in-game cinematic movie sequences. Later on, he served as the Senior Marketing and Creative Producer for a company that provided educational materials on internet safety for schools worldwide.


For the past few years, Scott has worked as an on-camera actor in the Pacific Northwest territory, being featured in several national and regional commercials, as well as being a co-star on NBC’s GRIMM. With the combination of his film production and acting background, Scott produced a feature film for $500 without a crew.


Building on Scott’s experience with independent filmmaking and online marketing he created the Film Trooper podcast, which is currently the #1 movie making podcast on iTunes. Film Trooper focuses on applying online marketing and sales strategies to the selling of independent films online. The experience and knowledge obtained from running the podcast led Scott to write the book, “How to Make and Sell Your Film Online and Survive the Hollywood Implosion While Doing It”.  The book is self-published on Amazon and has grossed over $15,000 to date.


Scott is about to launch an original online series called, “Around the Neighborhood” that will be featured on Facebook. The series will focus on the curious and charming history of various neighborhoods throughout the Portland Metro area. “Around the Neighborhood” is produced in conjunction with Scott’s real estate business.