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Landscapes of Fantasy: from Mythic to Diesel Punk

Saturday, August 5, 2017
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Garden A

Refresh your view of fantasy with its wide range of subgenres. Fantasy stories boast a rich ecology, rife with invention and diversity. Whether you are a writer or reader, you’ll find that these worlds are at the cutting edge of speculative fiction. Join Kay Kenyon for a Grand Tour of fantasy, and come away with a grasp of the field, its authors, approaches, and tropes.


Kay Kenyon

Kay Kenyon is the author of thirteen science fiction and fantasy novels. Her latest work is At the Table of Wolves, a paranormal espionage novel from Saga Press. It is set in 1936 England when Talents have come into the world, and a woman uses her gift for hearing the truth (Talent of the spill) to uncover a Nazi plot to subdue England with a mysterious power over ice and cold. Her Dark Talents novels will continue in 2018 with the sequel, Serpent in the Heather. Kay is a founding member of the Write on the River conference in Wenatchee, WA.