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Great Beginnings: Building Emotional Power from Entry Points

Friday, August 2
10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Cascade A/B

Every fiction project has a beginning—an entry point that’s loaded with emotional potential. Finding that emotional power early in your creative process saves hundreds of hours of effort over the course of your project. In this dynamic and interactive session, Eric Witchey explores how to begin stories by seeking out the emotional and thematic power in the entry point, and how to vary your beginnings to capture deeper characterization and themes. You’ll leave with a catalog of methods for starting new stories; techniques for identifying possible themes and emotional throughlines; and an understanding of how to use these techniques to develop the emotional foundations for larger works.


Eric Witchey

Eric Witchey is known for his ability to teach clear, useable skills that allow students to create saleable fiction. His seminars and classes grow out of his experience teaching at two universities, a community college, countless conferences, and many private seminars. Working in multiple genres, he has sold over 100 short stories and four novels into national and international markets. Writers of the Future, New Century Writers, Writers Digest, the Eric Hoffer Award Program, Short Story America, the Irish Aeon Awards, and a number of other organizations have honored his work. His how-to articles have appeared in The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, and other print and on-line magazines.