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Create, Produce, and Promote Your Short Film

Friday, August 2
10:45 am - 12:15 pm
St. Helen’s C

Developing a successful short film is as much about business as it is about filmmaking. In this workshop, you’ll discover strategies for getting your short film made and what to do after. Martin Vavra will discuss a range of topics, including crowdfunding and how to get the best bang for your buck; how to navigate festivals; and the best course of action for your film. You’ll learn more about how to maximize your presence on outlets such as Vimeo and YouTube, and how to use tools such as Twitter and Instagram to develop an audience.


Martin Vavra

Martin Vavra is an award winning director and producer in film & television, web series and commercial productions. His unique style and technical abilities have won him recognition for his commercial and film work. The documentary, Patrick’s Story, has played and won festivals all over the world. The series From The Gutters is an inside look at the commercial and independent comic book creators and hosts some of the most talented names in the graphic novel world. Voices of April is a 46-episode found footage series that follows a young woman who may be insane or has a telepathic link to an alien race. The films A Deed without a Name, Stalker, and Come To Daddy have played in festivals all across the country, winning several awards. He is the co-founder of the visual effects house The Refuge VFX, which did shows such as Grimm and Portlandia. His work has been seen on television, the big screen, and online. 

Martin Vavra